To Be Or Not To Be

It is likely that humans are not first. We do not know how many and what civilizations disappeared on Earth before we came. While we are lucky - despite the epidemics, wars for the extermination of entire nations, the irresponsible attitude to resources and our habitat, our species are still alive and are not at the extinction stage, like tigers, polar bears or giant pandas. With a normal extinction rate of 5 species per year, dozens of species per day are wiped out from Earth today, and nothing threatens us ... Really ?!

We have learned how to produce high-tech food from almost any organics. We launch regularly couple best of us to live in a near-Earth vacuum. We almost created artificial intelligence and teleportation. But despite this and much more, we still cannot survive without our habitat, which we have not learned how to protect from ourselves. If the habitat of our food changes, we will not save it from extinction either. If our number falls below a certain point, we will not survive, because we would not produce enough healthy seeds for natural selection, because we have remained vulnerable and have not become immortal, perhaps we are even more vulnerable and more dependent on the growing artificial substitution of natural selection. We are still the same species, which are likely to be doomed to extinction for any of the external or internal reasons. And if it is not so embarrassing to be able to overcome the external cause of extinction, then how can we explain to ourselves that we are heading towards extinction because of our own actions or inaction, when we fully realize that.

Let's not fool ourselves by pretending that nothing is happening, but let's look at everything and outline actions aimed at survival.
For better understanding we divide the threats to our species into (Click title to expand text):


We are moving on thin ice. Industrialization and fossil fuels burning growth, the development of animal husbandry lead to the greenhouse effect. At the same time our species is growing quantitatively, that means agriculture needs to be intensified in order to feed us in the future. At the same time we must reduce the sown area, because one of the main resources that reduces the effect of biosphere heating is the forest, we already reduced its area by third (almost by tenth since 2000). Birth control, which could slow down the growing need for food, has led to the aging of humanity and the deterioration of our genotype. Scientists have learned to adjust our genes, but this technology is constrained by fear of public opinion (most of us still believe in God and consider only the Creator to be entitled to do this) and the unpredictability of the consequences.

Can we stop the degradation of our species and our habitat? Maybe not anymore. It may be too late to do anything, and we are doomed. Changes happen very quickly, and we do not have time to react to them. In order to globally apply some kind of saving technology, we need more than a dozen years of research and development. In addition, few people are interested in it, and therefore there will not be an urgent large-scale resource mobilization. Because it is safer and more interesting to invest in a new virtual game, for example, by logging in which we simply forget about our problems, and when we die, we will not regret about our death, but about the disconnect that has occurred.

Or maybe everything is somehow fixed by itself? And we will resist, as usual, balancing on the brink of death? Of course, everything will be fine, life will not disappear in almost all scenarios of possible future events. Some species will die out, others will remain, other species will mutate from them, and life will be welcoming again on Earth. But who has more chances to survive, a slug who can not be destroyed even by outer space, or a creature like us, to whom add 30 degrees of heat or cold, throw it into the water. reduce the oxygen content in the air by ten percent, and it suffocates or becomes sick and dies? Life appears at the earliest opportunity and does not disappear in the most severe cataclysms. Apparently, a civilization organized by our species, like any other, is only a small random surge, the circles from which quickly fade away on the endless surface of the lake of life among the inhospitable inorganic rocks surrounding it.

Life on Earth will be fine for a very long time. despite all our efforts to destroy it. But it will be life without us.

We have little chance of survival. We must quickly curtail all the activities that destroy us and expand the one that will save us, try to overcome our suicidal tendencies, and this still will not guarantee the survival of our species. But if at least one chance in a million is presented, we will lay the opportunity for our great-grandchildren to seize it.

Our responsibility is not only in front of whole life of the Earth. We are responsible to the life of the Universe for our survival, which is inextricably linked with the preservation of our environment.

Perhaps our survival is likely under the condition that we turn on our brains right now and start working on it. Because we are a species that has arisen as a result of evolution over 4 billion years, whose brain is enough to understand the structure of the Universe and matter beyond its borders, and, therefore, level of responsibility is enough to survive. And even if we still fail, we will die out with the knowledge that when we realized that we need to act, we tried to use every opportunity and acted. And we will not be ashamed. After all, we have reached the present state unconsciously, believing that we are acting as better.

We are divided into those who use other people for their own personal needs, they issue casinos and million-user online games. To those who organize and lead for some goal, to those who have adapted and serve, without missing an opportunity to take something for themselves, to those who work simply, more or less in good faith, and to idlers and trash of society. Each has its own role. But there is one main role for all, one main goal - the survival of our species. We need to survive for that all our sufferings, sacrifices and quests will not be in vain. And when we disappear, after us the whole history of our species, our achievements, no matter how used: for good or harm, will disappear.

Summary. We need to act in following directions (Click title to expand text):


To whom are all these words addressed? First of all, to those who live for the sake of and take responsibility for the society around them and humankind as a whole. Such people are able to organize the rest for survival and decent development.

In nature, even interaction takes place with the goal of gaining superiority and destroying an opponent, prey or predator. Therefore it is normal for us, people to behave accordingly: to destroy or at least move each other from the bowl, to interact in order to destroy other species for our own benefit. This behavior gives a temporary advantage, and there is no strategy in nature, evolution (the disappearance of some species and the spread of others) is a chaos of random temporal advantages.

Humans received their random advantage a million years ago. It is temporary. How can we cope with the situation of the disappearance of our species for one of the reasons that have arisen, while continuing to compete with each other and the species around? They will get around us. if not deers or crocodiles, then amoebas and tardigrades. Our chance of survival is that we are initially envisioned as an advantage - brains folded into a megamind rallying around the goal of survival.