Real Democracy

Leaders, tsars, kings and emirs have to stay in the past. Everything that divides us, puts the interests of one above the interests of society, deprives us of a chance for survival. Presidents who remain in power indefinitely because other candidates are unknown to society — they are same leaders. In addition, the overly centralized power of one narrows the opportunities for the development of society and leads to its degradation.

Modern election campaigns show that politics work like a business: they invest in political technologies and have the victory and access to increase their funds. Politics emasculated democracy. Some examples of the opposite only emphasize the general trend.

We can not count on the goodwill of businessmen. Their activity may be suicidal, because the quintessence of business is the pursuit of profit, the rest is attached, that is, the goals of business in the development and survival of humanity can only be if they otherwise receive less income right now or during the year of report.

The existing dominance of capitalist democracy in the world must be transformed into a new system that will avoid lobbying for the interests of corporations and billionaires to the detriment of all humanity or living in specific territories.

We need to overcome our dependency: we do nothing to improve our lives and confidently look to the future, we blame government and corporation managers for all problems. Our only motivation is fear.

The experience of the struggle of progressive forces for democratic transformation shows that this struggle provokes a reaction from the rulers and their verticals. The most common desire for stability and invariability of the familiar environment and the fear of a less predictable future will work. The defeat in such a confrontation discards the democratic transformation for many years. Victory creates a division of society into friends and foes, which gives rise to a new round of struggle. Our survival power is not in the struggle with each other, but in the unification of all people in the name of this goal. Our only way is not struggle, but patient persuasion and creation.

When we elect a president, we give him the most intimate and important thing that we have social: our trust, which is unlimited because we give this person the power of God. And we demand in return respectively that this person will take care of each of us. From vested powers and the existing attitude towards him in society he begins to believe himself that he is a god. You still do not feel the senselessness and unnaturalness of this action? President will not be able to find out about our existence and our needs even if he comes to office in early age and remains in it until he will be very old. In order not to engage in this useless and even harmful activity, we should choose only those representatives who can and will represent our interests in the organization of our lives every day.

Democracy is the power of society through elected representatives. Therefore, the main level is not national, but the “lowest”, it is better to call it as highest. This is the level of your house, yard, block, street. This level elects and can recall the next level. Thus, the president is responsible both before the very first level, who elected him, and before each subsequent level, which will not allow him to do anything other than what is needed by those he represents. When power would be exercised in this way, at any level representative will be able to stay for any term without any damage to real democracy and re-election will take place only when the majority of its electors need it.

The procedure for making governance decisions in real democracy can be as follows:

to receive a request for the decision from a previous level, and if this is the first level - from voters;

determine who is / is not interested in making the decision;

collect and combine complete information from all sources, primarily alternative to each other; reasoned forecast of all consequences

determine who is for, who is against; proportions (voting)

determine who will win what, who will suffer; proportions (research)

identify alternatives that will not suffer;

final decision making with the addition of all possible alternatives (voting)

This evolution of democracy is the key to the transition from a chaotically developing humankind, technocratically suicidal destroying the environment, to a new model of human existence or socio-economic formation. We can call it Harmonism.

With the growth of communication opportunities, the need for levels will disappear altogether, we will be able to solve promptly all issues of humankind directly, in real time.

In this case, everyone can initiate consideration of any issue, limiting the circle of those whom this issue concerns, in his opinion. Everyone has the right to vote for or against and may also require additional clarification, specifying what is unclear. After satisfying the clarifications and voting within a certain period, the decision is made or not. In either case, alternatives are identified to mitigate the impact on the minority. Elected representatives are required to vote on status. The rest vote if possible and willing, their votes are counted for themselves, while the representatives vote for all the other non-voters whom they represent. If during the subsequent implementation of the decision, it turns out that there were more interested parties than was initially determined, and they did not have ability to participate in the vote, but want to do this, the vote is repeated under new conditions. No matter how puffed up the cheeks of politics, this is not so difficult to learn. Of course, there should be a possibility of restricting the voting of those who use this opportunity for other purposes - interfering with the work of everyone else for their own entertainment.

Now imagine today such a vote for or against the dissolution of all armies and disarmament? We will be in the absolute majority, and this will happen - finally, real peace will reign on Earth. In the meantime, we do not have the power of real democracy - wars continue to delight a small part of our society.

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