Wild Life Leaving

There are tales that humans arose as a result of higher power wish: God or super-developed aliens. So far it is obvious only that we are a product of the Earth’s biosphere and are completely dependent on it. However our livelihoods destroy the biosphere last decades with increasing acceleration. If we will be removed from the nature of Earth, it will not lose anything; on the contrary, it will recover and thrive. If we will be deprived of nature, we will not be alive, technology will not save us. A person is a biologically very weak creature that cannot live with a change in the air composition or in water or if it will become hotter or colder by thirty degrees.

We have to reduce the space we use inefficiently and go to the areas of the planet where our concentrated stay and livelihoods will cause the least damage. Or it may be better to leave the surface of the Earth altogether and move to its orbit. In order to preserve our species, we need to grow in numbers, and in order to preserve our habitat, we need to leave it, that means our path is upward. We must “ascend”, like Asgardians. Not literally, of course, but figuratively, taking the idea as a basis.

We are engaged in the protection of endangered species. It's one thing to stop hunting and reduce emissions, slow down the pace of the onset of infrastructure, social and industrial facilities on the environment. It is quite another to try to save species from extinction against other species which are trying to take their inhabitat. On Earth billions of years species die out and they are replaced by new ones. And we decided that we know better who will go, who will stay, and by creating the “Black Book” and calling some species “invasive”, we resist from natural course of evolution. The only thing that can be done for other species is to reduce our influence. We still do not know how to keep our own species in balance and think that we will maintain the rest of the biosphere in balance. This we will be able someday, if by that time not die out.