Wars Stopping. All Armies Dissolution

We cannot seriously wish to survive, if will continue to improve the armies and weapons directed at each other, and periodically conducting military operations. The only justified goal of our armies’ existence is to prevent the emergence of illegal armed groups, such as the recent ISIS. Or an obstacle to the invasion of unfriendly aliens, although so far purely theoretical. So the army has to be one to protect us all. We already have a command for it: the UN.

Patriotism depicts war as a series of bold heroic deeds. Those veterans are more honored who did more destroy enemies. That means human lives. War awakens demons in humans, weapons in their hands and the absence of consequences of actions impossible in peacetime are their catalyst. Death and destruction are only the tip of the black iceberg of the war waging consequences. War has no excuse, it must be ended once and forever.

Specific acting:

Petition calling for an end to all wars and the dissolution of armies is one of many small but important point efforts that must be made to achieve this.