Viam Humani Generis

Of course, our future is not predetermined. In many scenarios we will simply disappear soon. But if more of us will make their efforts in the right direction, the more probable more promising scenario for us will be.

4.5 billion years ago life appeared on Earth.

55 million years ago primates appeared on Earth, the group of placental mammals to which we belong.

2.5 million years ago humans appeared on Earth.

800 thousand years ago our species, Homo Sapiens, stood out from other humans.

In 50 years we will learn how to create food for ourselves and other species from inorganics and will completely switch to inorganic nutrition.

In 75 years the Composite Human (Homo Compositi), a symbiosis of a machine and a genetically modified human being, is evolving from our species, that will make possible to extend human life dozen times. Biodiversity on Earth will be restored artificially.

After 100 years we will completely cease to depend on the nature of our species and “ascend”: we will continue to exist outside our body, evolving into a new species - Homo Indefinita. Homo Sapiens will be “listed in the Red Book”, special safe living conditions and the opportunity to become a Composite Human and an Infinite Human with aging will be created for him We will discover the possibilities of momental movement in space between stellar systems, and our new species will be able to use them.

After 200 years we will reach a level of energy consumption that requires manipulation of the types of stars - their mutual transformations and destruction. Understanding the irreversibility of the consequences of some transformations, we will learn how to save stars and restore stellar systems. We will master the Galaxy.

After 300 years we will master the Universe.

After 400 years we will create new universes where we will move.

Moreover, along the path of our development there will be obstacles that can destroy us, as a species, before we become able to withstand them.

And the main condition: our society must evolve in the right direction, ensuring survival and development, and not reeling or chaos and degradation.

So, we know in general what we need. Now the main question is: how to interest at least 20% of humankind to make these tasks paramount for ourselves for ceasing to be suicidally ineffective and to go along the optimal path of survival and development?

Our world at the moment is not yet the world of humankind, it is a world of states governed by individuals who do not reckon with the opinion of scientists when deciding on the further development or degradation of humankind. In many countries the ranks of scientists are emasculated by the narrow tasks of creating new weapons and conflicting technologies that harm humankind and benefit in the form of super-profits and the growth of influence by those in power. Alberto Santos-Dumont committed suicide due to the use of military aircrafts, the pioneer of construction of which he was. Andrei Sakharov chose the path of the dissident after he created the hydrogen bomb. If we give all power to scientists instead of politicians, will this solve the problem of organizing our survival and sustainable development, which has been so clearly identified recently? There is hope that scientists will not encourage the thoughtless chaos of consumerism.

To see the path that we have to go, we must well imagine the society in which we are able, want and should be. In order for us to develop our existing optimally, this development must be harmonious. We can call this image of the future state of our society, which we will strive for: Harmonism.