There Are No Lies For Salvation

We cannot eradicate lies, nor can we make everyone an ideal member of society. A big lie begins with a small one. After all, it is much more convenient to lie to mother if you do not want to carry out her assignment than to honestly prove to her why you should not carry it out. Moreover, to prove it usually still does not work. We neither can not root out the lies, but the lies we indulge at the global level.

Our leaders, who have been chosen by us or who have the right to rule in another way, limit us in information or mislead us. It would be fine if it was only their weakness. After all, this is a weakness - not being able to speak the truth. No, we are confident that this is the norm. After all, if the leaders suddenly tell the truth, unimaginable chaos will begin. We're just a stupid flock of sheep, for us it is better to love our master and not know that he cares for us to cut more quality wool from and, in the end, to have a delicious lunch, we believe.
In fact, lies and silence cover up the failure of leaders. The reverse side is no less ridiculous. We expect that our leaders will take care of us, like Jesus, will feed us with five loaves of bread and two fishes. And when finally it turns out that they do not, we crave violence against them.
Striving for power is also absurd to rely on their lies, while their aim justifies any means.
We need the truth. Not “truth”, but truth. We have to understand and accept once forever that there is no lie in salvation. And any secret, any lie serves the personal interests of those who hide behind them, and are harmful both to themselves and to everyone around them. We can not eradicate lies, but we can change the attitude to them and do not encourage them.