Concentration On Survival Technologies

The search for survival technologies with a special status of priority in support should be carried out continuously.

The following areas of these technologies can already be distinguished:

Proactive virology - research of viruses before they infect humans with the creation of prevention and treatment methods;
Genetic engineering - changing the human genotype for medical purposes;
Human cybernization - replacing weak and non-viable human organs with artificial ones;
Digital immortality - personal information and consciousness preservation (transfer) before his biological death;
Earth conservation - nullification of the negative human impact on the biosphere, avoidance of fatal collisions with extraterrestrial objects;
Acceleration and teleportation - the ability to move at a speed infinitely higher than the speed of light, and instantly get extraordinary distances without harming life and health;
Dispersion in the Multiverse - search and colonization of Earth's doubles;
Mass teleport - the possibility of evacuation on a scale of whole humankind to other planets in other solar systems, in other galaxies, in other universes.