Reform of Humankind Education and Training

It's time to stop the practice of spoiled and misinformed children and we have to comprehend the life from the cradle for what it is and not what we dream to create for our little princes and princesses. referring to the fact that nobody does not love them except their parents. With this innocent lisping we threaten the survival of our species, because after such childhood new generation simply will not want to leave their unreal world for real one. Our children should strive to survive from an early age, realizing that this can only be done altogether, and use all their abilities for this, without corrupting themselves with laziness and unhealthy and unnecessary activities such as all computer games for example, with the exception of simulators used for professional training.

From a very young age it is necessary to instill responsibility for the fate of humankind and to wean from dependency, to single out and develop the best in this.

Human has evolved into the most dangerous creature on Earth. We are able to begin and complete mass extinction, who else can? And at the same time, we are all the same species, one of the billions here. On the one hand, the life of one person is insanely transient, although thanks to the development of data transfer technologies, we are able to comprehend more and more during our lives. We no longer live simply the life of a creature born in the chaos of evolution. We are able to understand our place and role in the space-time continuum. And to accumulate and express their knowledge available to next generations.

Education and upbringing will be much more effective, if each person in the process can get to know himself, his own characteristics. Those of them that help to be productive member of society for yourself and those around can be developed. Those that interfere, if it is not possible to turn them into good, can be brought under control and their influence can be weakened.