No Support of Religion

Despite of experience of struggle with the church in Soviet times, humankind continues to maintain the course of loyalty to religions. Although there is progress: scientists are no longer burned at the stake, and in most countries there are no theological lessons in ordinary schools, however government leaders still demonstrate their support of the church, in some countries relying entirely on religion in their actions. This happens not because they are so religious, their religiosity is refuted with their actual daily activities, but because it is believed that religious people are easier to manage. And indeed it is. A vivid example of this is sects. Each sect is built on some religion. The main teaching of all religions is the immortality of the soul. This allows to justify murder and sacrificial suicide for sect.
This teaching is based on the desire of a person to live forever. There are many studies of cases where a person remembers himself in a past or future life in another body or even as alien. But for the time being, these are only theorizing, based on evidence of extremely rare media of such information that is readily questionable .
Take the transmigration of souls: does that have matter that you moved from your great-grandmother to present body, if you still remember from her life only what your older relatives told you? It is more obvious that science confirms: your genotype is inherited from it, therefore you scratch your nose and you have the same walk as her, isn’t it?
We are our ancestors’ follow-up, we learned to copy and save information - this is our immortality, let's make it better. We consist of atoms that were formed billions years ago, which will not disappear from the Earth’s biosphere for billions years - this is also our immortality. And if we consider life as a period of time, when we are conscious of ourselves as an individuals, that is extremely short, let's treat it carefully and not waste or harm it, our own or any other of our species - Homo Reasonable.
Religion historically was used for confrontation between people and with science. Anycase much more negative than positive impact to surviving.
So religions have to be left, despite of all the efforts of their guides to adapt to the modern world of people, they affect our survival.