New Belarus

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New Belarus at Greenland

In Belarus, the confrontation between the majority of the population and holding power group can last for quite a long time, subject to the secret and explicit economic and political assistance from Russia and China. And if the Kremlin needs, but it is too expensive, then for Beijing it is not difficult, but not critical.

This is the phase of retention by the power group and the destruction of the state economy and the system of power by the people. At the same time, most of the people are little or not at all involved in the destruction of the state, but, on the contrary, they support the economy with their labor. A significant part of the people are creators and specialists who, in principle, are alien to destruction. And to create and develop something without helping the group to hold on power is practically impossible in anything.

Moses took his people away from Egypt, we could do something similar, leaving the territory that the authorities of Russia and China need so much. But hostages remain hundreds of political prisoners and thousands of innocently convicted, but not recognized as political prisoners. In addition, as in Egypt in the XIII century BC, so now, the power group will not let the people go without a fight, because only the people are the source of all benefits and the justification of the current methods of governing in the country.

We are the descendants of Homo Sapiens, who was a black native of Africa, but this did not prevent our ancestors from getting to Belarus and displacing the Neanderthals who lived here before, interbreeding with them, that now affects more mortality from COVID-19. And yet there is an inexplicable subjective attachment to their native places. This and the fact that we are responsible for the territory on which we allowed the emergence and consolidation of the anti-popular inhuman regime will not allow Belarus to completely abandon the country.

The destruction of the economy within the country must be accompanied by growth outside it. And it would be better if it will be some one specially allocated by the UN or a friendly nation to us than to continue trying to migrate, scattering around the world, integrating without a trace in a new place according to local laws and traditions, or staying idle in refugee camps.

Since the vast majority of migrant citizens of Belarus are residents of cities rather large than small, we can assume that we do not need fertile soils and conditions for high-quality farming. Moreover, Belarus has never been fond of high-quality agriculture. Since the place will be developed from scratch - we will not ask to relocate someone because of us - then only the most modern technologies will be used. This means that a metropolis can be built even under water or in orbit. But let's not get too far into the future. This may be, for example, an unoccupied area of ​​the southeastern coast of Greenland. In these latitudes Alaska, the Scandinavian countries, Petersburg, Arkhangelsk. In Nuuk, the administrative center located in the southwest of the super-island, average temperatures throughout the year vary from -5.1 to 9.9 ° C, which may cause the habitual desire of Belarusians to bask in the sun somewhere closer to the equator at least once every two years. But we are building a pro-people effective democracy, which means we will have such an opportunity at least twice a year.

3.5 million Belarusians live outside Belarus today. If we assume that every second invests in New Belarus 100 USD, and every tenth wants to move and brings their money and property with them, for example, in the amount of 50,000 USD, 20% of the 9.5 million population will want to move from the country, bringing with them 1000 USD, it turns out 2.25 million people of the new country with a desire to create something new and beautiful, clearly understanding what they are striving for, and investing 19.75 billion USD. It's a good place to start if you think through everything and act quickly, accurately with the least amount of mistakes.

There remains only one sacred duty - to release political prisoners and those held in prisons illegally in connection with the protests and return Belarus to the people, which, thanks to the steadily growing economy of New Belarus, will be provided in full.

This project has a contradiction: in order to overthrow the group holding power, it is necessary for everyone who is able to do something inside the country to stay in Belarus, at the same time, for creators and specialists, for whom confrontation and destruction are unnatural and difficult to realize, there is no place now in their country. At the same time, those who could effectively resist are expelled from the country, inside they would bring more benefits. That is, ideally, only soldiers should remain in Belarus until the change of power, and all specialists and creators should start building a New Belarus in a new place.

After all, we affirm and want to realize that main in Belarus is the people, all people, each person. And the dictator holding power - that apart from this piece of land we have nothing.

The New Belarus should become the most modern democracy using the most advanced technologies, scientists should become its main driving force.

Further scenarios:

1, The dictatorship will fall, democracy and independence in Belarus will triumph;

2. Belarus will remain in the power of the dictator for a long time;

3. The dictator leaves, but the pro-Kremlin group retains power;

4. One dictator is replaced by another;

5. The dictator leaves, the Kremlin annexes 6 regions of Belarus to Russia by force;

6. The dictator leaves, the Kremlin annexes 6 regions of Belarus by cunning.

In the first version, New Belarus becomes a prototype and help for building Belarus.

In other versions, New Belarus becomes the main place in the further history of Belarus, to which every Belarusian will strive.

Image source: Flickr, Vincent Callebaut