There is a growing movement for equality and self-affirmation of those, whom until recently it was correct to call sex minorities. Protest, freedom and diversity are always tempting, especially for young people seeking to escape from the already unwelcome guardianship of parents and teachers. There is a downside - the reaction and indignation of those who disagree and do not understand. This leads to a split in society. This does not help us to survive, on the contrary, it interferes. Of course, the adherents of the old school, who believe that only heterosexual relationships can save us from a decline in fertility and a worsening of the genotype, are outdated in their views. Sexual relations have since reached a different level and the birth of children is often no longer associated with obtaining natural sexual pleasure. At the same time, we cannot return the times when those who do not fit into the traditional “hetero” were left to themselves, broke their fates and could not reveal themselves as individuals. Those of us who were born this way should have the opportunity to find our own kind, those who will understand, who will guide and help build our lives in the best possible way, without causing fire on ourselves from those who do not understand and do not accept. At the same time confrontation, imposition or propaganda of a particular way of life split society. For the LGBTQ+ movement to be not a problem for society, but a solution, we have all to become more tolerant and better educated. We need to unite with this movement in order to learn ourselves and instruct others to understand each other and support in matters of sexuality and the structure of their personal lives. We can't get away from this, because sexuality is one of the main driving forces of each person.