International Citizenship Creation

Now those of us who are truly representatives of humankind and not ones of a separate country are at risk of being convicted and deprived of rights and freedom as traitors to their country, due to the fact that the authorities of states introduced patriotism into the rank of universal duty to protect their status from the fall.

In 1948 WWII veteran American artist and bomber pilot Garry Davis launched the first known attempt to establish world citizenship and world government. For this moment the attempt meets with denial and pressure from state and intergovernmental authorities, except few small countries and rare limited exceptions.

We have to continue this. Perhaps a search for more democratic or, conversely, limiting changes is needed in order to achieve its sustainable implementation and recognition in the world of people. The result will be more opportunities for global projects to save humankind, eradication of trends leading to our wiping out as a species, salvation and self-realization for the benefit of society for those of us who are already actually citizens of the world, and they are the best and most advanced.

If we expand, attract everyone to the ranks of the world citizens, we need to democratize absolutely, make it informationally, technically and economically accessible to everyone to register as a citizen of the world.

If we narrow down to some elders or leaders who do not use this status for personal selfish purposes, then it is worth raising this status from “citizen of the world” to “representative of humankind”.

Each of the variants has its own advantages and disadvantages in general and in relations to the initiative of Garry Davis.