Interaction vs Competition

We are regular participants in the competition of people for a place under the sun. At the same time we have to interact. One person wins a competition among others and becomes a director / owner / deputy / president. The rest of them interact to give him the lion’s share of what they earn together. Because they lost this competition and work for the winner. And the moral of our society says: loser, do not give up, fight for one day to find yourself in the winner's chair instead of the current one. True is that it is forgotten to clarify that there are 99.99% losers, and the seat is only one.

It is possible to act differently. No, it is not possible, but necessary for the survival of our species. Interaction must rise above the competition. We must learn to be guided by expediency and efficiency in determining leaders, and not strive to become them at any cost, because in this case, as a rule the one wins who is less selective in the means of achieving the goal, and it is unlikely that he will devote his life to improving interaction, rather than encouraging own whims.

We are subjective, so the desire for greater objectivity must be brought up from childhood. Greater objectivity is achievable by collegial decision-making.