Inequality Eradication

Fight against poverty and hunger is not very effective, because while we are trying to collect alms and feed the most needy, the degree of inequality is growing exponentially. The gain of wealth of the super-rich is due to the growth of army of poor. This is law of capital conservation. We have already gained tremendous experience in effectively combating inequality. We just have to apply it once and forever, so that growing inequality no longer hinders our survival.

We know how to dry our feet. If we are even a small boss over someone or know our rights as a consumer, we easily humiliate a person, create problems for him, and deprive him of dignity. Of course, this does not always remain unanswered. Try to strip the dignity of the plumber and not drown in your own shit. When everyone without exception, regardless of gender, age, any status, origin, wealth, heredity, race and nationality, authority and subordination, respect each other on equal terms, reckon with each other's interests and be able to find compromises, the foundation of inequality will disappear and it will evaporate.