Harmony vs Technocracy

We erase all living things from our body with ablutions and pills without realizing what role each microorganism we have killed plays in the survival of us in our environment. We have already predicted that the next stage of our evolution is the transformation into robot computers traveling in lifeless outer space.

We need to change the direction of human development and our technologies from nature taming activity to integrating back into the biosphere. We must merge with the planet into one organism. This will allow us not to engage in fixing what we have already done, balancing on the verge of death and destroying everything living around, but to develop even more rapidly. Such a merger will not slow down our progress, because every living organism on Earth will be at our side. Humankind must rethink itself from the king of nature to the best of its creation. We must finally become adults, because we are a product of the 4-billion-year evolution of the Earth's biosphere, which probably began much earlier in other star systems, and we should behave accordingly.

What path will allow our species to survive: harmonious merging with the environment or the destruction of all life and the transformation into something inorganic? If the second will be successful, if some of our consciousness will go into the state of Artificial Intelligence, it will not be a human anymore, but an artificial intelligence with the consciousness of a posthuman. This is much safer and more natural if Artificial Intelligence will become our assistant in fusion technologies with our habitat, the Earth's biosphere, isn’t it?

When we stop being suicidally directed technocrats, when we harmonize ourselves from within and create a balance around us, only in this case we have a chance for real survival.