Harmonism is a social formation of humankind of the future, which is a logical next step in its development. The name comes from the word “harmony” respectively.

What distinguishes Harmonism from the known models of society:

everything obeys the fundamental goal of survival and the harmonious development of both humankind as a whole and each person individually, together with their environment;

humankind is no longer divided into countries and their conclaves, but is united; divisions are only historical and cultural;

independent scientists set the vector for the development of humankind, the consequences of all actions and decisions are predicted by them to achieve the fundamental goal; the independence of scientists is supported by absolute material independence - each of them receives a fixed income, depending only on the length of service, status, and bonuses, depending on the specific scientific contribution evaluated collectively by the scientists themselves;

the organization of power (control) of humankind is real democracy, each person exercises direct control of humankind through his representative of the first level, with whom he is in constant contact; representatives choose from their composition the representatives of the next level and so on to the highest; actions of the levels of representation and management are absolutely transparent; higher levels on all management issues fulfill the will of the majority, determined at the first level, while minimize and compensate for the inconvenience and other losses of their suffering minority;

The construction of Harmonism can be divided into two stages:

Developing Harmonism;

Equal Harmonism.

Developing Harmonism is the first phase, when society is still divided by country and in different conditions, parliaments and official leaders of the countries conduct coordinated work to equalize living conditions internationally.

Equal Harmonism is the highest phase of the built Harmonism.

Harmonism does not provide, as fundamental, questions of ownership of the means of production, the degree of participation in labor and the principle of distribution of benefits, the share of people employed in production and services. Such issues are considered as they arise at the level at which they need to be addressed. Scandinavian countries or Denmark are not hindered by their still not post-industrial capitalism for having the most socially oriented community on Earth, and building communism China, despite its dizzying economic success in recent years, has reached far lower level in social direction.

How to get to Harmonism?

What we need to build on to help real democracy to move to Harmonism:

highest level of democracy, local self-government, deals not only with issues of the local level, but also with all those issues of all levels that affect the local level, without losing sight of any aspect of humankind development;

information should be complete and transparent, allowing all local self-government of humankind to interact in solving global issues;

real democracy should be promoted and advertised at all stages of life, training and education of humankind.

The basis of Harmonism is the harmonious development of the human community and each of its members. How to achieve this? We can build an example of such a community in a single country. The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, were already doing something similar — they were building a just society in a single country, in contrast to the world revolution of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Violence always gives rise to reaction, revolution to counter-revolution, dictatorship to opposition. This splits society into those who are satisfied with the established order, and those who want to change everything. This in itself contradicts Harmonism. That is, Harmonism cannot be reached through revolution.

The evolution of democracy is a fairly peaceful process that allows us to come to Harmonism, but how to overcome the desperate resistance of those who do not want to change anything - the powers and the moneybags with their power structures and corporations?

An important beginning is education and upbringing. Harmonism can be taught. But how to teach all the teachers?

General government - there are dependent on the leading governments of the world UN and independent organization World Service Authority of Harry Davis, which since the late forties of the twentieth century has been practically unsuccessfully seeking recognition.

Harmonism? Why?

Human life, if we discard all unproven unscientific theories of eternal life and reincarnation, suggests that for us everything will finish up soon, unlike for our children, grandchildren, and subsequent generations. But our children are other people who live and act at their discretion, not the way we would like. Based on this, we should live for ourselves: to create a financial pillow for our fall in old age, if it doesn’t work out - to commit suicide on time or try to use someone’s pity for our condition, in every other case we have to live for our pleasure - get pleasant impressions, to make money for our well-fed life in the easiest way and not worry about global issues like asteroid impacts, increased volcanism or global climate change, plastic clogging of the ocean or a diving fall of biodiversity. After all, everything bad will become fatal in our lives with a minor probability. Does it resemble something? We behave like that! This is what we are real. So why do we need to become future us? For Greta Tunberg?

The bottom line is that this is our suicidal vicious circle, from which we still need to find a way out: we already realized that we are not immortal, and we continue to deceive everyone around us in order to live our days in happy oblivion, we cannot go to the next level, because they are not occupied with this transition, but with the struggle for a better place in the notorious “food chain” of using each other. We are not a society moving somewhere together, we are a chaos of satisfying personal needs at the expense of each other. And the real immortality of human is a completely different level, the achievement of which requires efforts from all of us in this direction. The immortality of humankind requires even greater concentration of even greater efforts. And we can do this during our lifetime. Or at least set the movement in this direction with a powerful start.

Freedom and Harmonism.

Freedom is the eternal value of a person. Many leaders stumbled over the lack of freedom of citizens. The lack of freedom is depressing. If we optimize people's lives in such a way that they will engage in the most useful activities during work hours and heal and develop themselves in their free time, then this will become a prison for most. Therefore, there should be clear labeling of the activity, not a prohibition. Activities that significantly harm development and survival should be suppressed, and neutral activities that simply lead to less useful or unhelpful time expenditures should be marked in such a way that it is obvious to everyone, as smoking is now indicated, that he is wasting time without benefit for himself and society. Although smoking is so harmful that it should be banned altogether or organized so that no one can smoke regularly. Clear marking is needed so that a person can choose more useful activities, but at the same time, he does not feel limited to sometimes doing some stupid things that will not lead to serious negative consequences. So freedom will be preserved.

Harmonism as a socio-economic formation

We cannot get Harmonism if we does not abandon inequality and all forms of discrimination. And it won't happen overnight.

With the harmonization of human society, a certain general optimal economic model will be developed. The ideals of competing enrichment, restrained by associations of disinterested citizens of a modern industrial or post-industrial society, will make it possible to achieve Harmonism only with high control of entrepreneurship by them. Modern competing enrichment leads to an increase of inequality and produce the cream of the golden loafers inheriting a financial position that allows them not to make efforts to anything but unrestrained entertainment, and that does not reduce inequality, but splits society. On the other hand, the well-known attempts to nationalize the means of production, the introduction of public property and the abolition of private one did not prove the promising nature of the developed socialism model.

And if we simply limit the possibilities of inequality using, that is, for example, exclude the possibility of influencing decision-making: if the owner cannot appoint directors of his enterprises, if he will not be able to bring more than one lawyer given to him by the society to court, when the opposite party is in the same position. That is, a rich person will be able to enjoy the opportunity to have more spending on luxury goods and services, no more, but will not be able to manipulate the majority or power.

Issues such as the size of wages, the possibility of manipulating hiring and layoffs in order to make cost bar lower and get uncomplaining workers who do not claim to improve working conditions should become absolutely inaccessible to either the owners of enterprises or directors. Local government commissions should determine these factors, and recruitment should be carried out on a competitive basis and / or based on available skills and experience.

When this control becomes incorruptible and effective, the construction of Harmonism will become real under the existing property system of capitalism (or industrial and post-industrial society). In the countries controlled by the communist parties, the existing system of the party elite creates inequality, party bosses become permanent leaders, which also does not allow Harmonism construction. If we dissolve the Communist Parties, build real democracy from bottom to top, then the construction of Harmonism will become possible in these countries as well with the existing ownership of the means of production - state, as in North Korea, or its symbiosis with private, as in China. Any party systems of influence on power should be abolished everywhere.

If real democracy will be built, then any experiments on changes in the forms of ownership will be under the vigilant control of society, and therefore absolutely safe. And most of all, quite a long time different systems of ownership will prevalure across regions and continents in a newly built Harmonism.

The current situation, on the eve of Harmonism

At the moment, socially, we are in a motley set of highly developed socially and economically democracies containing outdated institutions of an idle monarchy, attempts to build communism that have turned into a dictatorship that usually inhibits development, and a bloodless third world, devoured by corruption ... At the same time, each person, having a minimum set of a computer / tablet / smartphone and Internet access, is potentially equal in opportunities to any other on Earth, although in reality the overwhelming majority simply refuses to make efforts to realize this equality, consciously or not.

What contributes to the development of a society of people? These are:

globalization of humanity

presence and development of the Internet, ways to bypass its blockages

widespread expansion of rejection of violence

strengthening of gender equality and acceptance or tolerance of the LGBTQ + community

acceptance of global problems, such as climate change, deforestation, and pollution

And the following do not give the possibility to grow in present model of humankind:

inequality, unjustifiably excessive concentration of power among small groups and individuals, which eventually becomes criminal against humankind

dictatorship demanded by individuals and groups

low efficiency of “human resources using”

creation and encouragement of mass delusions to facilitate manipulation of public opinion in order to usurp power, including patriotism, imperial ambitions, religion, calls for dictatorship and reprisals against dissidents

The current moment, with its peculiarities, declares a new stage in the development of humankind, in which the blinders and obstacles created by humankind will be overcome for full-fledged successful survival and development.