Gender Equality

Centuries of patriarchy, when a woman’s place was only in the kitchen and with her children, when she couldn’t be independent in anything, this half of humankind fought for equality, for freedom to express opinions, act and arrange one’s life. And today we have the recognition of society that women have equal rights with men in salaries, rest, career and receiving professions. There are still many exceptions, although society generally recognizes gender equality.

However, let's look at the ordinary way of a modern woman. A good or even excellent student, she goes on to study further after school, hoping to make a career as a scientist, engineer or teacher. And then, somewhere between 20 and 30 she meets the very same... who will break her life. After all, she will go with him to where he will make his career, because he is sure that he will be able to provide their family benefits alone. She will give birth to a couple (one, three ...) children with him and will fly out of the profession for several years. And when he returns, he will never catch up with the industry that has gone during this time and will drop from promising to second-class workers. There are exceptions when a woman who is successful in her career is in no hurry to marry and give birth, and then, when she becomes married and gives birth, she jumps out of maternity leave at the first opportunity, leaving at home of her not so successful in career husband. These exceptions only underline the rule. Professional career is only for men and women who abandoned children. And what about gender equality of opportunities? What to do with the reproduction and survival of our species?

Men can not count on the full participation of the rest - more than half the number of all people - in the struggle for the survival of our species if still in most countries women do not have equal access to education and work, and those who cannot consider themselves as neither men, nor women be destroyed. Separated we reduce our already ghostly chances many times. Gender equality is necessary for us unequivocally and everywhere.