Every Creature Is Important

Already there are no literate people who need to be convinced that with our technocracy we have dug a hole of our habitat destruction. But the consequences that we see around us are the tip of the iceberg, because we see too little, we do not see the whole picture of the interaction between us and our technologies with the biosphere. We do not see microorganisms, we do not see insects - because if we count how many individuals we are able to see, to correct our mistakes by mindlessly destroying them and to understand how they affect our survival, it turns out that we see less than a percent of the biosphere, but we destroy it all blindly.

That is why we must build the entire model of interaction of every living and nonliving on Earth. And seek and implement all possible to reduce our impact on the biosphere. Because if we do not do this, then no recreation of mammoths and aurochs will save us. We can't even do that yet.