Development of Medicine

Primarily we need to develop a proactive, preventative medicine. We are able to find out before the birth of a child already, which weaknesses in health can ruin his life or kill him in future. Prevention should start in the womb or even earlier and not leave a person before death. Its level should be such that at each moment in time we will know how many milligrams of any substance we need, so that it enters the body to keep it healthy and ready for the upcoming loads. And nothing more.

Now our medicine is predominantly symptomatic. The doctor treats the aftereffects that occur in the body, can give advice on next lifestyle changes. And everything, except the first active phase of treatment in the hospital, is in fact not necessary for the patient to perform. This gives rise to the government’s desire to cut public health spending, personnel to go to commercial medicine with unreasonably heavy tariffs, to which insurance companies immediately join, redistributing in their favor most of the funds.

Regular attempts to raise funds for the treatment of serious children’s diseases are so touching. Astronomical sums are collected to use by parents for exhausting all possibilities. What are they spent on? In best case doctor will buy a decent property and luxury items. The clinic will be equipped with even newer equipment so that there is a competitive opportunity to attract panic patients even more. At worst they will go into the pocket of people who have never been doctors: big businessmen. It’s especially disgusting to realize that this is an expensive treatment, usually a different one, that basically does not add anything or is less effective than the generally accepted one.

And how should it be? The whole arsenal of the newest and most effective treatment methods should be available and absolutely free for every earthling and financed from the appropriate budget, replenished by taxes - everyone should equally pay for the treatment of patients. If doctors believe that the patient is ill because of his own fault, because he does not follow their instructions, in this case he should bear administrative responsibility not for destroying his health, but for wasting budget funds (that is ours). Those who wish to destroy themselves with alcohol, tobacco smoking, failure to fix lifestyle or to follow the diet, despite the instructions of the doctors, should not have the right to do so at our expense. Drug use, on the other hand, should be equated to self-harm - those who do this should bear administrative or even criminal liability. Of course, he will have freedom not to go to the doctors, to be treated independently with traditional medicine or to die. In other cases, the patient is not guilty of what happened to him, and should not be left alone with the problem of treatment - will there be enough of his wallet and loans or will he have to sell the property to allow himself treatment. For this there is taxation. Drugs need to be stopped selling at retail, they should be distributed according to the emerging need and for prevention and first aid, for which there must be appropriate items and first-aid kits installed at the expense of the budget or by organizations under state control. Home, car first aid kits should be organized according to the same principles.

Diagnosis and treatment are the basis of medicine. In the first place should be the search of the cause of the disease and its presentation for elimination.

Thus, the effectiveness of health care will grow, and no one will spare money for it.

Recent epidemics and pandemics show that our readiness to fight viruses is extremely low. We are unable to implement the main thing quickly - to localize their expansion. Therefore, we must immediately develop and start applying anti-virus framing and social distancing schemes. That is, all industries, transport, shopping centers, and other places of mass gathering of people should have a mechanism for instant transition to the mode of isolation and distancing.