Crops vs Livestock

Not for the sake of cute pigs or chickens which should not be eaten, but sent to a sanctuary, because they cannot survive in the wild.

Vegans, convincing others of their approach to nutrition, often speak about brutally killed animals, monstrous conditions in which they are born and grow before they get to our dinner. But with plants we do the same. When a human has not yet had such a globally disastrous influence on the Earth’s biosphere, we ate more plant food than animal food, therefore modern studies show that a healthier diet is one in which vegetable proteins significantly prevail over animals. In addition, it is extremely inefficient and deadly for our habitat to feed all these pigs, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, and then feed them to us. The footprint from livestock is the same as from all vehicles combined, right up to space rockets.

There is little likelihood that we will stop pollution and destruction of the environment in the near future, so we will eat crop products grown in spaces isolated from it. It is also necessary to save and isolate livestock, because the atmosphere inside the dome can be adjusted.