Association vs Dissociation

We have such indisputable concepts as personal life, private property, which were questioned only by the Bolsheviks where they were the ruling party. Speaking against private life, private property, correspondence secrets and others like that does not make sense as long as they do not harm society.

But this is not all, we have unshakable castes, estates that divide us by birth, borders, languages, religion belonging ... It is important to determine unequivocally that all actions to separate us from each other are actions against humankind. Accordingly, actions to overcome these obstacles are aimed at our survival as a species.

In order to become the real civilization of the Earth from the multi-polar world of some state enclaves, starting with public organizations (NGOs), all international organizations have to find an opportunity to unite in a global union.

Capitalism has to evolve, because the thirst for profit can no longer remain the main driving force of our species, because it divides us.

To be organized is not enough for mobilizing for survival. The vast majority lives for ourselves, the most responsible of us live in the interests of their families. And few live in the interests of humankind.

When we will understand that there is no “I” or “we and you”, but only “we”: our rulers or governments are we, our opponents or enemies are we, animals and even bacterias and viruses that surround us are we too, only then we will have a chance for survival and sustainable development. Is ant a creature or part of creature called an ant colony? Is phagocyte a creature or a piece of us? Our civilization and planet are also part of the solar system and the Universe, and we are involved into interaction.