All UN Conventions Realizing

Did you read any of them yet?

All UN conventions, as it should be, are aimed at the benefit of all humankind. We have had these postulates and instructions for a long time. They are about how we can live better, safer, and have more opportunities for survival. The trouble is that they are not mandatory. The UN accepts the convention, but until the country signs it, it does not exist for its citizens. While the country is not ratified (the relevant laws will not be adopted), it does not begin to be implemented. There are conventions that have been adopted, but do not work for decades. Such an attitude to universal values ​​and decisions should be labeled as actions for humankind detriment, and the way to stop it has to be found. Conventions should become obligatory, because no one of them is for humankind detriment, but can only interfere to private interests of some individuals. And if so, these interests are directed against humankind.