All Power to Scientists

Who was the first get worried about all these threats that we personally created for ourselves? Someone from the presidents or some party or one of the billionaires? Of course not, the majority of these citizens still believe (or pretend to believe) that all these threats are a myth invented by enemies which try to stall power and resources. The one who knows worries, not the one who doesn't want to know.

Therefore not politicians have to decide how we survive but scientists. Without their confirmation no more permits should be issued for any activity to stop the extinction. In addition we need to give them every opportunity to work on the technologies of our salvation. Scientists have to become from the servants of the powermen and finances haves to the real vanguard of humankind with the appropriate status, respect and capabilities. And every child will dream to become a scientist, and the most capable will become.

History confirms: the most valuable is not wealth, it cannot be taken with when dying; is not children who will not continue what we have begun, but will go their own way; is not life itself, which turned out to be much more transient than we expected. But our brain, its capabilities, which have created wonderful facilities of communication, uniting our minds, and the ability to save the information obtained by them. We have to concentrate on saving and developing the brain and its resources.

We are ranked by caste, we are born of a promising or unpromising sex, from the right or wrong womb in terms of financial well-being, there is a virtual gradation into levels, there are successful people and losers, there are, in the end, likes and views. If we want to survive and prosper, the main rating of people should be academic degrees and titles obtained as a result of contributions to the development of science, calculation, assessment and forecasting of the consequences of certain decisions.