All Kinds Pollutions Termination

Perhaps, there is no person in the world who does not answer the question about emissions, that it is harmful, dangerous and destructive. But not only emissions are increasing, but new types of them are emerging. Obviously, we must stop proceeding, but we can not. Why? Emissions are made by people, and only people can stop them. And to demand this from others, let's start with ourselves. Look in your trash bin, on the car of each family member. Our waste is a poison that we put in by ourselves.

Every next year we litter less, becoming more educated. But the problem of garbage is not to do not litter, but the fact that even sorted and sent for recycling it will not be recycled mostly, but will end up in the ocean, especially lightweight, almost non-degradable plastic. As it is in marketing, for success there are two directions of influence: Push & Pull - the imposition of goods and the creation of demand for them, in order to overcome the growing pollution, it is necessary to Restrain & Repel - restraining the production and sales of polluting goods and technologies and refusing to consume them. To defeat the disastrous garbage blockage, we need to stop the production of disposable plastic packaging first of all. And we have to create an automated technology that can search, sort and send to real recycling process up to 100% of waste in landfills and in rivers, lakes, seas and ocean. At the same time, it is necessary to influence people at all levels in order to educate them and learn everyday life without garbage.

Each manufacturer must ensure the 100% utilization of produced substances to safe us and the environment. Every level in the chain of storage, transportation, sales and use is responsible for safety of disposal, as intended by the manufacturer. That is, not like it is now: corporations are guided only by the amount of profit, striving for zero responsibility for the obvious negative impact to the biosphere.