Democracy Evolution

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Greek Democracy

We all generally know what democracy is. In our country, in other countries of the former Soviet Union as well as in the Western ones and many other places is there democracy or not? Do we elect the president, deputies, who are our representatives, who exercise power in the country? We elect. So democracy is. Why do we doubt it? What is wrong with democracy?

The president. Everything begins from him, everyone hopes for him, everything depends on him. Where do presidents come from? You know? And I don’t know either. We have never put forward a president; he was not originally our representative. He was put forward by those who were closer to him, knew him well and hoped that when he won the election, they would reap the benefits. That is, the president was originally a representative of a small group of people. Now, after so many years in power, we know him better, but still not enough, we didn’t have the opportunity to talk with him, and never will, it’s unrealistic in fact to do that. Oppositionists, who are also not our representatives, blame the incumbent president for holding power in his hands in every possible way. But that is normal. As a result, we have no choice in the election: we do not choose the president, but vote for maintaining the state in the country that exists (no matter how worse it is!), Or against holding the power in one hands for too long, that is, for risky an attempt to change something by people unknown to us. And even when we elect a famous actor as president, as it happened in Ukraine, we choose not him personally, but heroes of the roles that he played, because we like them. After all, we also never talked with him and will not talk in the future, we do not know him.

We also elect deputies. To national lawmaking and at the local level. I remember my father told me about the past elections: “I looked: this one is the director of the enterprise, that one is the commander of the unit. I think: let them deal with their own affairs, where else should they be deputies. Then I look: simple electrician - I voted for him.” The overwhelming majority of other citizens did not go to the polls because they decided so - after all, if everything depends on the president, so what's the point of electing people on whom nothing depends? But there were also those who really voted for their representatives - those who are close to some candidate, they, like in the case of the president, wanted to reap the benefits. That is, the candidates again represented only a small group of people and were not our representatives. But here the case and attitudes in the election commission had already played a role - the turnout was ultimately the highest. And we have no moral right to blame the commission for falsifying the elections - we didn’t care, there were no our representatives among the candidates.

And this happens everywhere around the world, where democracy reigns, that is, the power of the people in the form of legally elected representatives. What remains to be done for those who really want to reap the benefits? They launch the political technologies of washing our brains, spending enormous resources on this. And to reap the benefits, therefore, they need very large, otherwise the costs will not pay off.

That is why, in short, we doubt democracy. Because it does not work for us properly.

I regularly have questions, probably, about forty times a year on 5-10 issues. At those times I want to have a representative who is empowered to solve problems. But let's lower the requirements. Suppose every adult citizen (that is, the voter) once a month has such need.

In Bobruisk, the Republic of Belarus, for every elected local deputy there are 3725 - 4551 voters. That is about 4000 people.

With simple calculations, assuming that deputies are particularly capable people and will spend on average ten minutes to solve one issue, we get that they need 22 hours a day to work on our problems when working without days off and holidays (4000 voters x 12 months x 10 minutes; divide by 60, 12 and 30, turning into hours per day). Let me remind you that these are people engaged in their main labor activity, which feeds them. Representation of us is an additional activity that does not give such an income. Therefore, they can only afford one or two days of admission per month, taking only 1 to 9 hours. We take an average of 5 hours. That is, they solve the questions of only one person out of 133. It turns out that in order to really represent us, there must be at least a hundred times more of them. We will not recall in vain the rest of our representatives. There are only 166 senior deputies at the national level throughout the country. And one president for everybody.

The example of the Republic of Belarus is not original. In Poltava, Ukraine, 42 deputies per 288 thousand people work similarly (Bobruisk - 217 thousand inhabitants, 38 deputies), in Tambov, Russia, 35 deputies per 281 thousand of the population, in Narva, Estonia, 31 deputies for 57 thousand, in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, 29 deputies per 932 thousand of the population ...

Count how many people we are in constant contact with? Which part of them lives in the same city as you? This is the maximum representativeness. Not 4000, but a hundred is the norm for quite sociable people. Such as, for example, agents in network marketing and insurance. For less sociable, the norm is 20.

Plus or minus, the numbers indicate a stable worked out scheme of visibility of representativeness or representativeness of the elite.

And now look among our friends, neighbors - are there people among them whom you would make your representatives in solving all issues? Surely there will be such or such. If we hold our own elections on the spot - in our porch, courtyard or quarter - the main thing is that everyone knows this person, they can always turn to him, and he, in turn, didn’t invent anything as a representative, but only your wishes and fulfilled the proposals. At the same time, we will not need to wait any time or call for elections throughout the country. And if something goes wrong, this representative can be re-elected this moment. will this be our real representative, how should it be in democracy? It will, of course. And if so begins everywhere in the country? A network of our real representation will be formed. In solving our tasks, these representatives will come to the need to form superior territorial councils. From their composition, they will delegate representatives to the next level. And on the next - on the next after him. And everyone can be re-elected from his level by the respective electors - us, our elected representatives or representatives elected by our representatives. Until the next level will be the existing local level - district, settlement, city... There the deputies legally elected by us are. And we, that is, our representatives, will not be able to recall them, re-elect legally according to the principle by which all lower levels have been elected. But this is not problem, it should not push us together. Collisions are unproductive if we want to create something good for ourselves. Just for the next election we will already know who to vote for, and we will come to the polls all as one, thanks to our real representatives. And the newly elected representatives at the local and national level will step by step change the legislation so that the new real democracy really will work for us from the very bottom to the top according to the same principle of constant responsibility to voters who know their candidates well and trust them.

So we know what we want. How to achieve this?

Do not forget that our ancestors many times demonstrated the struggle for power, dividing society into "them" and "us." And they hide from us or did not understand themselves that “they” are “we”. And we do not need to fight with ourselves for power. We need not revolution, but evolution, the development of the structure of our society in such a way that our democracy will suit us all.

In the future we will not vote for anyone except among us. It will not be necessary to spend all these astronomical budgetary and political technology amounts on elections. Every deputy will be elected at his own level.

Long live democracy - the most effective and promising way to exercise power among people!