Belarus 2020

Submitted by superadmin on Fri, 09/04/2020 - 10:27

Don't like a dirty staircase?

Is the street dug over and over again, as if a treasure was buried there?

Are the trees along the street like a graveyard?

Don't they overhaul the house or portray it lightly?

The yard is not adapted for life and does it cause melancholy even for children?

Is your local deputy unknown to you and / or does nothing for you?

We do not elect deputies, because our candidates are not there. And we have to choose the president from those who are offered to us by some strangers. What can all these people do for us if we have no connection with them? How can we get that our problems and needs will be solved?

There is an instrument that all of us can build, regardless of profession, age, and political preferences - self-government. Real people's power. Real democracy in its purest form. Believe it or not, this is absolutely consistent with the current legislation, that is, there is no need to fight for it.


Territorial public self-government

Laws regulating it.

Yes, those who read it carefully noticed that the law contains an attempt to subordinate territorial public self-government to higher levels - democratic nonsense, a remnant of the administrative command system that will need to be eliminated. We'll do that, but first, let's create ourselves.

The little experience that has already appeared allows you to sketch out the optimal action plan and templates to do everything quickly with the minimum expenses of energy. You don't have to repeat them, you can do it your way - that's the essence of democracy.


Action Plan

1. Determine the territory. The smaller the territory, the easier it is to create a self-government board. A house entrance or several private houses unit is ideal. In order to then solve the problems of a house, block or adjacent section of the street, you just need to unite the relevant representatives who are involved. If it is necessary to resolve the issue on a more significant basis: for example, with a polluting enterprise or illegal actions of the police department - the relevant representatives will have to unite on the scale of the district.

2. Collecting signatures for holding a local meeting. Sample form. You need to collect 10% of signatures from everyone who has the right to participate in the meeting of your entrance - that is, those who permanently live there and are at least 18 years old. Do not forget anything when you meet - save time.

3. Submitting a notification to the regional executive committee. Together with a list of signatures. Sample notification. There are deadlines in the law - signatures at the time of submission must be no older than 3 months. Submission has to be not earlier than 14 days. 7 days in advance you should be answered if there are any obstacles to your meeting.

4. Holding a meeting. There is a rule of legitimacy for the decisions of the meeting: at least 25% of all permanently living adults must be present. At the same time, they can authorize someone to meet in their place. Before the meeting, all participants must be registered. Decisions should be taken by majority vote. You need to choose your representative and approve the regulations about him.

5. Inform the district executive committee and interested parties about the decision of the meeting. Within 10 days. Decision example. The executive committee, the deputy of your district, the residents of your entrance who could not attend the meeting - you still need to interact with all of them, so show them the decision.

And that's all, territorial public self-government has been formed. Help do all this in the neighboring entrances and houses - most local issues cannot be resolved without them, and not everybody is such wonderful organizers like you. Now your deputy has two ways - either he cooperates with you, or you will be able to achieve his re-election or recall when self-government will be in a significant part of your district.

When such territorial public self-government appears everywhere, we will be able to insist on correcting the above-mentioned democratic nonsense and build a real democracy everywhere and on all issues. We will be able to nominate candidates for deputies and presidents from among our representatives who have shown themselves better than others. Who do you think will have a better chance of winning the elections: those whom we will nominate, or those proposed by some strangers from outside?

And yes, now is the best time for this construction: no one will stop us from building.